Belly Dance Beginners


Here you will learn the basic moves and all the fundimintals of belly dance. it’s a course of 8 classes over a month.
Age : 14+
How Often : 2 day per Week
Time of class : 6:00 pm To 6:50 pm
Days of class operates : Sunday, Tuesday


Belly Dance
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Beginners :
Learn the beautiful art of belly dance, this beginner class will take you through the basics technique, and get you shimmying in no time, from swaying hips to graceful hand gestures.

المبتدئيين :

تعلمي فن الرقص الشرقي الجميل، سنأخذك في هذه المرحلة الاساسية حيت تتعلمين اساسيات تمايل اليد والوركين الرشيقة لتتألقي في كل الاوقات .

It’s a course of 8 classes over 4 weeks (2 classes/week). You normally need 8 classes to more to another level.
الكورس عبارة عن 8 حصص على مدار 4 أسابيع ( 2 حصص – بالإسبوع ) 

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Belly dance Course, Belly dance Course (1/week), Belly dance Tester class


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